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Amy McBirney



Dr. McBirney is from Santa Clara County (Morgan Hill specifically). She has distinct memories of visiting Tri-County Vet Hospital as a child. In fact, one of her earliest memories at Tri-County was with Dr. Bill Seals. He showed her how to palpate her first cow (a 4-H Dairy project) in the same stocks that she now uses as a veterinarian at the clinic.

Dr. McBirney completed her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and received her veterinary degree at UC Davis.

For Dr. McBirney, workdays are never short of variety. When the phone rings at Tri-County, you never know what might come in. Whether it’s a call for a laceration on a horse, cow, sheep, goat, pig, donkey, llama, alpaca, dog, duck, chicken, or anything else with a heartbeat…Dr. McBirney will see it. The question is, can she convince the techs to help her with that chicken?! That’s another story.